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No Memorial Day tribute?

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I just received my May issue of The Colony magazine. I am so disappointed in all the gutless people in this city who are afraid to honor our soldiers, who died on foreign soil for our rights. Evidently, there will be no Memorial Day tribute, as in years past, to honor our fallen heroes and I am furious. I don't think the governor has the right to tell us we can't. It's an outside event so people can participate, stand way back, or stay home. Is the governor going to send out the National Guard to arrest us all? I think not! We have abided by all the things we've been asked to do, but this is unreasonable. Come on people, think! Stand up for the important stuff to show our leaders we are unwilling to sacrifice any more. Honoring our fallen soldiers at an outside event hurts no one. All the propaganda and fake news does.

Gail Stanhope



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