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No need for pumpkin spice



It doesn't fall far: Local biz Azeo Distillery is making spirits from apples, and Cello at Allegretto Vineyard Resort is crafting a new fall cocktail featuring that apple-tastic booze plus apple juice and nutmeg. Yum! Learn more about what this Paso Robles restaurant and bar is churning out by going to ... SLO Cocktail Month is drawing to a close, but you can still vote for your favorites by sipping participating drinks around town and rating them at (also make sure you mark your calendar for the big reveal, hosted at the Paso Robles Event Center this Oct. 6) ... Apple Farm in SLO will host a backyard winemaker dinner this Sept. 28 sure to be blooming with autumnal flavors and centerpieces ( Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain would like the dressing on the side, always. She can be reached at

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