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No pot of gold


Why is it so important to save Diablo Canyon Power Plant from closing, from losing vital energy to sustain a reliable electrical grid and avoid power shortages?

As I have written many times before, there is no perfect source or solution to fill the needs for electric power. Every single one has environmental and or harmful emissions connected to building, operating, maintenance, and waste. Switching to alternative energy sources will not in itself solve climate issues but possibly increase them.

Reducing or eliminating nuclear power opens up the door to needing more fossil fuel to fill the gaps left by a frequently reduced availability of wind and solar. Closing Diablo Canyon will remove the largest supply of clean, affordable, reliable energy in California. As there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there's no such thing as 100 percent renewable energy to uphold the demands for sustainable electricity. Backing up renewable energy batteries and the growing movement for electric vehicles each will require recharging, which simply compounds the question of where will all this power come from?

Ellie Ripley

Arroyo Grande

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