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No truth, no consequences

Santa Maria



As the Bush/Cheney administration is air-lifted off the roof of the sinking White House, giving the thumbs-up sign, we all know better. We all see the results of eight disastrous years.

Who will pay? Will it be only our military families, or people losing their homes, or prisoners who have no rights, or Americans whose phones have been tapped, or the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, Afghanis, and Palestinians? Or will George W. Bush and Richard Cheney be tried and found guilty?
If they are not, let’s free every criminal from our overcrowded jails because there is no justice in America. If these two men cannot be indicted for their high crimes and misdemeanors, let all criminals go free.
Or, let justice be blind and judge them for what they have done. If not, no President or Vice President need worry about crimes, because there are no consequences!

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

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