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Noori should have stayed




Shame on the clique of Cal Poly professors who forced out Mohammad Noori, Dean of the Engineering College, under the false claim he was setting up a sister school that would be subject to Saudi Arabian discrimination. They knew better or should have.

The nation in the Middle East that discriminates is Israel, not Saudi Arabia. It’s not just the oppressive Israeli lebensraum campaign of land confiscation, which bulldozes Palestinian homes and villages to make way for ‘Jews only’ settlements: It’s the very nature of the Israeli Jewish theocracy itself, which goes so far as to subject its own citizens—more than a million indigenous Palestinians who live inside Israel—to laws restricting their ability to own and live in their homes, to use certain highways, to hold employment, to get an education, and to get medical care.

 Author Susan Nathan, a courageous Jew, documents this harsh apartheid theocracy in her book The Other Side of Israel : My Journey Across the Jewish/Arab Divide; the side our mainstream media never report.

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