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Not financially conservative


The SLO County Board of Supervisors is not fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities.

The recent Tribune editorial (June 15, 2021: "True to form, SLO County's conservative supervisors make the wrong choice—again") is a blatant illustration of the conservative majority's unwillingness to listen to their constituents, failure to follow their stated mission, and inability to fulfill their fiscal responsibilities.

Supervisors Lynn Compton, John Peschong, and Debbie Arnold made a conscious decision to ignore the dozens of letters imploring them to make the logical and fiscally responsible choice to fulfill the remaining term for county clerk-recorder. And those same supervisors who voted not to spend money to modernize our voting process turn on a dime and vote to spend money to seek statewide candidates without proper qualifications when there is a qualified candidate with proven success acting in an interim capacity already. Who does that? Certainly not financially responsible leaders who are looking to fill a position essential to our democratic process.

We will have the ability to choose our clerk-recorder in 2022. And we will have the opportunity to flip the board majority and mitigate the irresponsible and self-serving decisions made by these conservative supervisors. And that is exactly what we need to do!

Kimberly Gravell


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