Not much changes for Pismo pigeons



Those pigeons pooping near the Pismo Beach Pier have once again made local headlines.

The Santa Maria-based Pigeon Relocation Group, which reached an agreement with the Pismo Beach City Council in August to relocate the bothersome birds, recently backed out of the deal--claiming that too much public protest created a concern among members.

About a month prior to the relocation plan, the council voted to hire a pest control firm to exterminate the pigeons by catching and using them as food for zoo animals. But the City Council backed out, citing pressure from animal rights activists.

So now what?

Pismo Beach Mayor Mary Anne Reiss said for now the city will simply enforce the feeding ban. According to City Manager Kevin Rice, the ban has worked well.

"Since Aug. 2, there has not been a health advisory posting at any of the four Pismo sites," he noted. "It seems that things are going pretty good."

In addition to enforcing the no-feeding ordinance, Rice said, the city will stop cleaning the pier with a pressure washer, switching instead to a method that will vacuum unwanted dung and keep it out of the water.

Rice said a team of six Cal Poly scientists is working to determine the exact source or sources of pollution near the pier. Their funding for the research will come from a state grant.


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