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Not the happiest place


Politics? Where do I start?

Distracted drivers driving too fast, litter, pot farms, water, over-priced rent and housing, no more fire-pit at the former Taco Bell on Santa Rosa (that's been awhile), and the demolition of the Alex's BBQ sign in Shell Beach! What are we doing to SLO County?

The problem I choose to pick for this day is the ongoing sham of recycling in this county. I live in North County and I have to drive down to SLO to recycle cans and bottles. The last time I went to the one behind Vons on Broad Street, it took me more than two hours. Recently, I went to the one behind Target, and I left. It was just like the one behind Vons: It looked like a mini skid row scene. Homeless individuals with shopping carts and nearly broken-down cars turned into makeshift living quarters were all lined up.

SLO County supervisors! Get off yer butts! Do something. Streamline this process. If you do, the homeowners in those same areas would be very happy, and the homeless and people like me who need the extra cash can get on and go on! I'm always and only one paycheck from being homeless in the "happiest" place in the good ol' U.S. of A .

Kevin Alf Lee

Santa Margarita

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