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Not this again


One more time we get a “gay-phobic� diatribe by Mr. Otis Page (“Christians won’t advocate homosexuality,� Letters, Jan. 20-27). Mr. Page seems to be more obsessed with homosexuality than I am, and I’m gay.

Mr. Page, you say that you do not hate gay people … just what they do. If this is true, why do you spend so much time making false statements about how our agenda is trying to “recruit� the youth of America? Like every other gay person I know, I came from a Christian home with two loving parents. I was never molested. My gay feelings became apparent to me as an adolescent and I tried to be straight for years. Being gay is not a choice. It just is. I continue to go to a Christian church that accepts me as I am and pray for those like you who, against the advice of Jesus, judge, condemn and throw stones.


Jim Kunkler

San Luis Obispo

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