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Nothing could be truer: It's time for a sewer


Since I've seen,

I now believe,

I'm seeing things,

this can't be true,

for what will I do?


I'm swimming in poo;

it needs a sewer,

or something newer,

maybe a poop blaster,

I can't believe this chatter,

do I have to hold my bladder?

in this town known as L.O.


Soon it will sink,

it will probably stink,

and I try to be meek,

but sheeeesh!


You people scream,

you people cry,

and for why?

'cause it's a fact,

that the poopy is flowin',

and the sewer's finally growin',

'cause the people are goin',

in this town known as L.O.


What do you think?

of course it will stink,

but the water will be clean,

and my grass will finally be green


The one thing I know,

is that people have to go.

Now whether it's in the bay,

or in the john,

It's goin'‚ somewhere.


Let's help keep the fish and us,

healthy and normal,

'cause I don't know about you,

I like my water free of poo.

in this town known as L.O.


Chris Titus

Los Osos

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