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What does it mean to truly nourish through food? Does it mean your body or soul is happy? Does it mean your grandma or personal trainer is smiling?

I'd argue it comes down to both. Greasy pizza nourishes the soul; plain kale nourishes the body. But neither is particularly satisfying in the end. Balance is really what we're all seeking, and "easy" can make that balance so much more doable in real life. Granada Hotel & Bistro will open its new takeaway restaurant called—you guessed it—Nourish this Nov. 27, and I'm curious to see if this lifelong feat can be successfully tackled once and for all! It is no easy battle. The quick grab-and-go option is attached to the San Luis Obispo bistro, known for its swanky outdoor seating, luxe rooms, and pretty patio. The promise? Fresh, local, and soul satisfying meals inspired by the Central Coast's extremely active lifestyle. What, you aren't into dirt biking/hiking/yoga/standup paddle boarding? That's OK, you couch potatoes can get in on this balance thing, too.

Nourish will serve breakfast and lunch to-go, with nutrient-packed dishes designed to fuel a busy day without sacrificing enjoyment (i.e. flavor). Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and paleo? You betcha. Here's what you can expect: The signature Nourish Bowl comes with lentils, spinach, yams, chutney, spicy sauce, and quinoa; a Green Eggs and Grains Bowl entails Moroccan eggs with rotating seasonal ingredients on artisanal bread. A daily carvery menu will serve up roasted and braised local proteins because, yeah. Not sure about you, but meat nourishes my body like a hearty "namaste" to the gut. Of course, everything is sourced in an eco-conscious manner, under the assumption that food, thoughtfully prepared and lovingly sourced, has a better shot at nourishing the whole being, not just the taste buds. Game on.

Nourish is located at 1126 Morro St. in downtown SLO and open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. New customers can get 20 percent off their first meal through the end of the year. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain is nourished by backyard eggs, hot lattes, and the occasional stalk of kale (sautéed in butter, never plain). She can be reached at

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