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Nuclear power is a risk to the public


"A convenient untruth" (Sept. 12) is exactly what this partisan screed is all about, but not in the way that Mark Henry has described it. Henry loves linking the Democratic party to the argument against nuclear power for purely pecuniary reasons, refers to the brilliant Helen Caldicott as just another anti-nuclear hysteric, and then predictably blasts the Green New Deal as a "delusion: a convenient untruth."

Not mentioned anywhere in this wrong-headed rant is the fact that nuclear power is no longer the darling of the utility companies for the simple reasons that the spent fuel cannot be stored or transported without considerable risk to the public, nor is it cheaper to use than solar or wind-produced energy.

If Henry is really convinced that nuclear power's reputation is "already distorted and unfair," perhaps he should offer his own SLO backyard as a repository for a few spent fuel rods from the Diablo Canyon site.

What could possibly go wrong with such a glowing tribute to the nuclear power industry?

John Winthrop


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