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Obama may reap what he sows this election

Arroyo Grande



The mid-term elections will be a verdict on President Barack Obama. Some provide a positive assessment: Obama has focused on policy at the expense of politics; he wishes to do the right thing, even if people don’t like it. The majority has a negative view of the “great communicator” who’s unable to connect. He led people to believe he would transform this nation, that there would be peace in the world and economic prosperity.

The opposite has occurred. Even with a Democrat majority, partisan politics dominate. The Afghan war persists, Gitmo has not closed, the surge spending has failed, the national debt threatens the economic wellbeing of the nation, and Obamacare is not understood, promises to be more expensive, and will add to the nation’s debt.

At FreedomWorks, they describe the president as being “arrogant.” He appears aloof. That is disconcerting to citizens. Obama promised to be transparent and to change Washington, creating the impression that not only did he mislead, he ignores what “the folks” think.

Ignoring the evidence of Obama’s failed presidency, black Americans and die-hard Democrats (the unions, trial lawyers, the liberal print and TV media, etc.) are invested in and committed to Obama. But they, too, appear frustrated by Obama’s failure and the lack of results. The fruits of this may come home on Nov. 2.

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