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Obama probably ruined Clinton's chances

Arroyo Grande



Obama has presented himself since his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech as a leader who can unite America across the political and racial divides. Obama’s long association with minister Wright contradicts this assertion.

While invoking God and Black Theology in the pulpit, Wright says the federal government manufactured the AIDS virus to kill black people, celebrates Louis Farrakhan as a great man, and likens American soldiers to terrorists. While Obama has admonished Wright for these comments he definitely tolerated them for a long time. This suggests if not proves Obama is a divider and not a uniter. Obama’s association with Wright has unintentionally but effectively employed the “race card.”

More than 90 percent of blacks in Pennsylvania voted for Obama, a statistic that is believed to be repeated nationwide. This is an exemplification of racial politics that, along with Black Theology, is expressively anti-white! Does Obama admonish blacks to be objective in their voting? Has he specifically admonished Wright for his politically motivated anti-white diatribes.? Absolutely not. Obama relishes the dedicated black vote.

Are Democrats serious that this man should be their nominee for president? Obama has probably ruined Hillary’s once-certain election to be the next Democratic president. Way to go, Obama!

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