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Obamacare cares

Paso Robles



Your payroll deductions for Medicare are NOT more because of “Obamacare” unless you are part of the 3 percent making over $200,000 for an individual or $250,000 for a couple. They are LESS because of the Stimulus. You just get more for your Medicare dollar. Medicare services are NOT cut by “Obamacare.” They are expanded to close the donut hole in stages and reduce drug prices in the donut hole by making pharmacies charge less. Also, Medigap policies are required to provide free preventive care. The bill pays for itself by other means, including reducing fraud by health care providers and taxing investment income for Medicare. Previously, only wages were taxed, though persons who had never had any income but investment income got Medicare. The solvent life of Medicare is extended by at least 9 years, and the National Debt is lowered over ten years and continuing. Don’t be fooled by misleading ads and slogans. Call me at 238-7056 for more information, or go to Wikipedia.

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