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Observations without interpretation

Paso Robles



I fail to understand all the controversy about global warming. All I know about it is that in 1996, my late wife and I took a helicopter flight and landed on an Alaskan glacier. We stood in the middle and looked down through a fissure about 75 feet and could hear the water running in the bottom. In August 2007, my new wife and I stood at exactly the same spot and it was mostly dirt with a little ice on the edges.

Incidentally, my late wife and I, while returning from San Francisco in 1985 on Highway 101, ten miles north of King City, witnessed an unidentified object with large red lights following our car for at least five minutes before zooming at unbelievable speed straight ahead until out of sight. We never talked about it.

So does this mean I know anything about global warming or UFOs? Probably not.

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