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Oceano deserves better


Have you ever wondered why Oceano isn't Pismo Beach with its shops, motels, and restaurants? Two reasons: beach access and infrastructure. Access is blocked by the county-owned airport; the sewage treatment plant for Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, and Oceano; and a river of cars on Highway 1 and the beach.

Where are all those cars going? Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Those dunes tourists bring in millions of tourism and tax dollars each year. Who benefits from those dollars?

The State Parks system; the county; and the cities of Pismo, Grover, and Arroyo Grande.

Because we are unincorporated, we rely on the county Board of Supervisors to invest in Oceano's future by providing the kind of infrastructure that attracts hotels, shops, and eateries. During my 25 years of owning a home in Oceano, the board has turned its back on us. Not only do we not have infrastructure that attracts economic investment, we don't even have sidewalks for our kids to safely walk to school or enough street lights for safely walking after dark.

What do we get?

The trash, the cars, and the dust to breathe.

The hardworking residents of Oceano deserve better. They deserve Jimmy Paulding.

Jennifer Stover


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