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Ode to Elmer Fudd


I must admit that I am often easily amused, though perhaps for the wrong reasons. Reading Al Fonzi's recent column, "The divisive, delusional left," (Dec. 31) reminded me of that rabbit-hunting cartoon character, Elmer Fudd, who is remarkably out of touch with reality. It seems obvious, to me, that the Trumpist right-wingers have been the most divisive lot in my 80 years on the planet. And when Al Fonzi writes that "Racism is a dying philosophy in America," he appears quite unaware of the thousands of generally peaceful protests that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement (which the rather Fuddish Al Fonzi may not even be aware of) has put on since the death of George Floyd in May. Including our local BLM protest in July, after which our delusional SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow decided to persecute (not prosecute) activist Tianna Arata—until disqualified by a SLO County Superior Court judge.

Clement Salvadori


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