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Ode to freedom


there once was a small farmer who took upon himself

to grow and produce only the finest top shelf

his cannabis farm

was causing no harm

its benefits were legion

throughout the whole region

then what to our wondering eyes should appear

but three county supervisors with brains out of gear

we the people voted to embrace and to legalize

they chose instead to subvert and to bastardize

nay, nay, they say, you must grow it indoors

to protect the populace from the pot-smoking boors

legal means legal and the will of the people

shall prevail despite being treated like sheeple

at the next election we will vote to guarantee that you lose

so anyone can grow cannabis wherever they choose

freedom is the reason

we celebrate the season

a merry everything to all and we will relentlessly fight

to protect our every basic and inexorable right

But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight,

Happy smoking to all, and to all a good-light!

(... With all due apologies to Clement Clarke Moore ...)

August Salemi


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