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Off my planet!


In response to J.P. Mills' comments regarding feral cats in last week's issue, I would like to remind everyone that the abundance of feral populations is directly a result of selective breeding, which makes it not only our fault but also our problem. If it were not for the lack of responsibility of pet owners to spay and neuter their animals, feral cat overpopulation would not exist. Being that most of the problems caused on our planet revolve around human ignorance and lack of awareness to the environment around them, I would also like to add that animals tend to be superior in their survival and harmony with nature when humans are removed from the picture, therefore giving them much-earned respect by the animal activist community.

Humans are the most overpopulated species on the planet, causing more suffering and mindless destruction than any other creature. So I would suggest that if J.P. Mills would like to step forward for voluntary euthanasia, I'm sure we could find many people who would be happy to "reimburse the cost of ammunition." Ignorant Paso resident - get off my planet!

LoriKat & David LaRue

Central Coast Feral Cat Feeders

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