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Off-roader shows contempt for the environment

Pismo Beach



Kevin P. Rice is circulating an accusation that the grand jury is “tainted green” (“Tainted green,” July 16). Tainted green? The word “tainted” is being used to imply that it is not honorable to go green, to have respect for Mother Nature, to tread lightly. The grand jury decision he does not like was not about “green” but rather about a missing map and references to it.

Kevin P. Rice is maligning the grand jury in an attempt to taint the green movement and to convince others it is OK not to tread lightly. To see how off-roading is polluting our air, water, and land, see the website stopthrillcraft.org. To see the anti-green activities on Oceano Beach and Dunes, including the buffer area, also see safebeachanddunes.org.

On October 29, 2007, Kevin P. Rice wrote on a blog, “I have a Nevada plate on my bike so I don’t pay any registration fees to California. California has too many smog restrictions so I registered in Nevada.” It would appear that Kevin P. Rice has “tainted plates” that show his contempt for both the democratic process and the environment.

-- Nell Langford - Pismo Beach

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