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Off-roaders’ swan song

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On March 21, 2022, the SLO County Superior Court denied our motion requesting to intervene as defendants in the suit brought forth by Friends of the Oceano Dunes and EcoLogic against the California Coastal Commission challenging its 2021 decision to ban most vehicle use in the ODSVRA (Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area).

The Oceano Beach Community Association is disappointed with the decision. This matter is very important to us and the people of Oceano, which is denied, unlike all other beach towns in California, a safe beachfront for peaceful, non-motorized recreation. We will continue to claim our right to safe access to our beach. Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) on our beach and dunes degrade our community, impose a cap on its economic development, destroy our best resources, and threaten our health. Drive less than a mile north and see how other communities are thriving without the burden of OHV activities.

The Oceano Beach Community Association will continue to work toward ensuring that the Coastal Commission stands firm in defending its decision. The court found that our interests are adequately represented by the current parties, the Coastal Commission and State Parks. It is indisputably their job now to advance our interests. We hold the Coastal Commission and State Parks more accountable than ever.

The denial of our motion to intervene is not a win for off-roaders although they are celebrating and singing. It is their swan song because their party on our beach and dunes at our expense is coming to an end.

Lucia Casalinuovo


Oceano Beach Community Association


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