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Oil is a dead end

San Luis Obispo



Riding down the freeway in my 15 mpg pick-up, I started banging my head on the steering wheel when I heard that gas prices had crept up for 27 days in a row. Next, I learned that the United States has been a net exporter of refined petroleum for the last three quarters.

Wait, gas prices rising without pause while the United States exports 96 million barrels of gasoline? We are making more than we can use and gas prices pierce the clouds? Given that, when we hear political aspirants and talking heads calling for enhanced oil production to relieve our prices at the pump, we will know that for the myth that it is.

Petroleum is a global commodity, influenced by speculative traders. It makes no difference how many wells we drill. It makes no difference how many Canadian pipelines cross our lands. We are running out of oil. We are hurtling toward a dead end. Really our best trajectory is to do everything we can to conserve carbon resources, develop alternative energies now, and insulate those resources from speculation.

-- Allen Root - San Luis Obispo

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