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Oil trains are bad for our air quality



Explosions aren’t the only concern with oil trains. These mile-long diesel trains belch extremely dirty exhaust into our air.

Diesel engines emit soot and nitrous oxides, among other extremely harmful air pollutants. If these trains are allowed here, there will be a measurable decrease in the air quality that we have up to now enjoyed in our county.

Nitrous oxides react with sunlight and convert into ozone. Ozone is a respiratory irritant. It exacerbates asthma, and there are all sorts of cardiovascular problems that you can get from it.

Why do you think Volkswagen illegally tampered with the detection of these pollutants when their diesel cars were tested? It was because of the high level of the nitrous oxides—that are far more heavily present in diesel fuel than in gasoline.

Why in the world would we make a choice to lower our quality of air where we live? Why would we increase the asthma affliction in vulnerable children in our county when it is already on the rise? How very irresponsible it would be to approve a project that lines the pockets of some and decreases the quality of life for all.

-- Debbie Highfill - Morro Bay

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