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Old books aren’t going anywhere


It sounded like the libraries were going to have a “book burning� if Measure L passes, according to Rachael Denny (“Oldies but still goodies,� Oct. 14-21).

No one is going to destroy old books! The local libraries don’t destroy books unless they are in very bad shape from use, or damaged by other factors like moisture. If they need to thin out little-used books, they have book sales or give them to charity organizations. Classics like John Muir’s writings will always be available from a library somewhere in the Black and Gold system. (Only our SLO County Libraries will benefit from Measure L, not all the other BG libraries.)
Maybe Rachael doesn’t know you can go to our SLO libraries online, www.slolibrary.org, and find the book you want and pick it up at the branch you want! They do restore old books and have some that are for reference use only because they are out of print or rare. This Measure L is vital for all our county libraries to be able to continue to give the wonderful opportunities they have for all our communities. This tax will be used for libraries only and nothing else! This is not a party issue, this is a gift of love!

Dee Carroll

Santa Margarita

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