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On Phoebe's side

San Luis Obispo



Regarding Phoebe Hearst Cooke, I am on her side. What a rotten twin brother [George] turned out to be. … Of course she’s frustrated and at times paranoid having just lost her husband in September and her own daughter turning against her and joining the twin brother. … She needs help and understanding. I lost my husband five years ago: Without the help and understanding of my daughter, three sons, and a daughter-in-law, I may not have overcome. I am now 95 years old, confined to a wheel chair, and have a history of heart attacks. I live alone, do my own cooking, make my own bed, and keep my kitchen and bathroom clean.

Phoebe should have more attention (the loving kind) and positive concern from her family. They should be completely ashamed of themselves.

I’m on your side, Phoebe

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