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On the fence about legal weed


That was an excellent letter in the June 15 issue by Will Powers and Company ("Land-use politics").

Having been a pot smoker for most of my adult life, I have to say I have very mixed feelings about the whole issue of legalizing pot in California. If it takes the Mexican Mafia out of our national forests, that's a good thing, but living out here in rural Santa Margarita I have seen nothing but bad!

For example, last year I saw an "operation" up the road where a property was bought solely for growing pot. These guys didn't know anything about horticulture 101, but they knew a lot about the big money. I saw chemical fertilizers, malathion, and other toxic insecticides being used; 600-plus plants; and 1,500 gallons of water being used (with a fire hose) daily, not to mention all the illegal tractor work moving soil and making terraces with no permits. What a joke!

I could say a lot more, but I would like to use the rest of this letter to give a big thanks to all the hard-working Cal Fire men and women at the Parkhill Road station and to the rest in California for the work they do, not only fighting fires. They're always the first ones at the scene of all of the tragic car accidents that happen out here. In my opinion, they should get paid at least the amount that a longshoreman makes at the Port of LA. I should know 'cause I used to be one!

Kevin Alf Lee

Santa Margarita

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