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One ambulance should be enough

Morro Bay



Hey Americans,

I am just blown away each and every time when I see multiple firefighter trucks, police cars, and ambulances rushing to some place somewhere in SLO County, responding to a 911 call where somebody just dropped dead, or fell off a ladder, or had a heart attack.

The other day, when driving near South Bay Boulevard in Morro Bay, we noticed three fully manned fire trucks (coming from all directions), one cop car, and an ambulance—all with their sirens on—rushing to Casa De Flores. I was just thinking what a joke this is, all this money-wasting hoopla for one person in need.

When a 911 call comes in and it says it’s about a single person with a life-threatening issue, I am certainly supportive to send out a rushing ambulance to save this person’s life—but certainly not an army of some bored, overpaid cops and firefighter guys.

In a country in which corporate greed and millions without health insurance (and the ones who think they have it are told their claims aren’t covered by their policy), it’s just funny to watch all this naive nonsense, pretending everybody suddenly cares when the 911 phone rings.

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