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One-sided reporting is not a ‘valuable voice’


So it’s Mark Phillips I have to thank for no longer being able to enjoy NPR’s “The World� during my lunch hour (“A valuable voice,� Opinion, March 3-10). Instead I get the hack Amy Goodman and her low-budget, one-dimensional “Democracy Now!�

Don’t get me wrong, I am a liberal to the bone, but I’m also put off by obviously one-sided news reporting — be it Sean Hannity or Amy Goodman. And I sometimes enjoy non-political discussions, such as the fare often served up by the relatively eclectic “The World� — admittedly second-tier NPR, but a show with a broader, non-preachy focus. Moreover, the Merck situation was adequately covered by the morning and afternoon news shows “Morning Edition� and “All Things Considered.� And it was not really the kind of news “The World� was designed to cover.

I’ve written to KCBX several times over the past year or so, wondering why they don’t get more NPR programming on the air — rather than all the classical and specialty-music shows with their niche audiences. I have been told that NPR shows are expensive. They can’t afford the stuff. So I was surprised and happy when “The World� made its way into KCBX’s programming. And now it’s gone. No doubt KCBX was happy to trade the one show for the other. My guess is that they are saving a bundle. I would not be surprised if airing “Democracy Now!� costs them half of what “The World� was costing. Thanks, Mark.

P.S. I also note that “Democracy Now!� had been airing on Tuesdays at noon or so for quite awhile. And that the SLO pirate station was airing it every morning till the New Times interview put it out of commission.


Ike Gonzalez

San Luis Obispo

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