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One view of California Valley cannabis production



Cannabis is currently bringing immense value in many forms to all of the people residing in the California Valley. Whether a landowner grows cannabis or not, his or her property is worth more because of cannabis in the valley.

Businesses ranging from the lumber stores, landscaping stores, tool rentals, propane companies, local gas stations, and countless others each benefit economically from the legally approved cannabis activity.

Then we have the Americans who are plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and laborers who are given a multitude of job opportunities from the cannabis business in the California Valley.

This plant has given the hard-working people of the valley a second chance at self-sustenance and an honest living.

The first concept of suburban residential zoning did not work.

Cannabis farms should most certainly be regulated and inspected for the security of the natural environment and the end user, whether they are using for medicinal or recreational purposes. The importance of regulating cannabis production does not simply end at preserving the natural environment; it positively impacts our local economy.

The solar farm was given the opportunity to offset its impact by dedicating land to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, and cannabis farmers should be given a similar opportunity. This would benefit the California Valley by establishing more protected sanctuaries for the endangered animals, while also promoting needed jobs for its residents!

We would be protecting the native species more by not pushing farms into hiding with no regulation or oversight. By promoting black-market farms, there is a higher chance that poison, trash, and the illegal taking of animals will occur. This is something that none of us want to see.

The California Valley is not a wasteland. It is a beautiful place that deserves our protection. Cannabis grown right can grow in harmony with this beautiful valley. The people have voted that they want more access to this beautiful plant. Let’s give the opportunity to small farmers to provide as many choices as possible and compete with big corporate cannabis. The little farms, if given a chance, will not only provide more options for the consumers, but more economic opportunities for the hard-working people of the California Valley.

-- Ryan Lovejoy - California Valley

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