What's it rated? TV-MA

When? 2020

Where's it showing? Netflix

Writer-director Takashi Doscher (Still) helms this sci-fi romance set in the near future when a mysterious comet has released a virus on Earth that kills only women, some immediately and others after a brief illness. Will (Leslie Odom Jr.) tries desperately to protect his girlfriend, Eve (Freida Pinto), by sealing her into their overly sterilized apartment, hoping to save her from exposure to the deadly contagion.

Not only must he protect her from the virus but also from those who work to kidnap the remaining women, whose eggs are harvested before they die by a government hoping to repopulate. Desperate and running out of time, the couple decides to head into the wilderness and experience one final adventure together.

This low-budget affair may remind you of the much better Light of My Life (2019), with Casey Affleck as a father protecting his daughter through a similar pandemic. Only doesn't have quite the same emotional resonance, but thanks to depicting masks and social distancing, it feels a bit like now. At least you won't get the disconcerting feeling that the characters you're watching need to be more careful! (98 min.) Δ


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