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Oppose cuts to education and health care

San Luis Obispo County



The League of Women Voters provided the citizens of the 15th Senate District in San Luis Obispo County the opportunity to hear the candidates’ opinions about the state of children’s health and education in our community. The issues are complex and difficult to discuss, yet each candidate provided a glimpse of their history of supporting children and their knowledge of how to protect them. The forum provided more insight than that, however: When a candidate speaks about policies regarding children’s health or education, he reveals his beliefs about California’s future and economy.

Our community must keep children in the forefront of this year’s debates. We must invest in our children’s health and education and oppose budget cuts to these vital programs. If we don’t protect our children, they will suffer life-long consequences from poor education and there will be an entire generation that will only worsen an economically depressed California.

As representatives of two organizations advocating for the well-being of all children in our communities, we thank the League of Women Voters, First 5 San Luis Obispo County, and the other organizations that sponsored the recent debate among candidates for the 15th District Senate seat.

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