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Oppose Prop. 8




I am seething right now, over the distasteful, insulting, and outright incompetent letter written by John Budlong regarding Proposition 8 (“Vote for Prop. 8,” Letters, Oct. 16). This proposition is not about what goes on behind closed doors in a same-sex marriage. How dare he make a mockery of one’s expression of love. Nobody particularly cares where he sticks his privates when making love to his wife, nor should he care how homosexuals make love to their partners that’s private business.

Furthermore, he, like so many other people in this state, misinterprets the purpose of this proposition. I feel that people are being misled by the simple word “marriage.” Marriage is a religious term and, as far as I’m concerned, you can have it. All we, as a community, are asking for are equal rights! You know, those things that the black community fought for in the 1960s.

And as far as the “sanctity of marriage” defense, here are some facts on how sacred heterosexual marriage is. It is legal for a man to marry his first cousin in 20 states, his ex-lover’s adopted daughter, any gal he just met in Vegas, the day after his 20th divorce is final, and if he’s in prison for rape, murder, molestation, armed robbery, etc. So tell me, how sacred is heterosexual marriage really? I suggest reading Why You Should Give a Damn About Gay Marriage by Davina Kotulski, just to see how screwy this system really is. Please, vote no on Proposition 8.

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