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Opposition to illegal immigration isn't racism


As a native Californian and Democrat, I am amazed and deeply disappointed in the perspective that illegal immigration is a manufactured crises. Those who believe this are either severely out of touch with the deleterious effects this issue has had on California or so politically entrenched in the Democratic Party/mainstream media obsession with destroying Trump that they are willing to forsake the best interest of our state. Everyone who came here illegally had the option of honoring our decades-old legal process honored by those seeking U.S. citizenship. To disrespect and disregard our immigration requirements makes a mockery of our laws and those who have come here legally with due diligence. The costs of accommodating these masses is seen in our overwhelmed ERs, classrooms, job opportunities, entitlement programs, as well as drug and human trafficking, crime, and imported diseases (Ellis Island screened for diseases and mental illness). Opposition to this disrespectful behavior is not racism, but rather an attempt to restore the integrity of our socioeconomic fiber.

Marc Peters


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