Orcutt annexation votes pour in



The election that will decide if a neighborhood southeast of San Luis Obispo will become part of the city is underway. As of Nov. 8, 40 of the 55 possible ballots had been mailed in, according to County Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald. All ballots need to be received by the county clerk by Nov. 15.

The vote was triggered by 22 protests to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), filed by residents who don’t want to become part of the city. The protests were enough to force an election for the 55 registered voters who live on 231 acres of land outside the city limits on the southeast corner of SLO.

A majority vote of the area’s residents would sink the city’s long-held ambition to gobble up the pastoral neighborhood. Advocates claim the annexation would benefit residents by adding parks and housing to the area.

Lory Frank Farrior, an Orcutt Road resident and leader of the anti-annexation effort, is seeking a court order to change some of the pro-annexation arguments in the ballot she believes are flawed.

She argues that the annexation should be put to a citywide vote.

“[The annexation] affects our entire region and more citizens deserve to be involved,” she said.  “LAFCO, four City Council members, developers, and the few registered voters [in the Orcutt area] should not be the only voices to decide the fate of our community.”

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