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Our nonprofits should be more transparent



Thank you for publishing the opinion piece “Silence is Golden … ” in the Sept. 10 New Times. As a symphony lover and retired journalist, I’d been hoping that at least one of the several publications that has breathlessly covered the recent SLO Symphony meltdown would write about the board’s composition, charter, and bylaws and provide more information about the board members themselves. Even after your recent article I still have no idea how symphony board members are appointed and by whom.

San Luis Obispo County functions so well in large part due to the charitable activities of its many well-off residents. Perhaps someday a local publication will find a way to provide a permanent resource for those wanting more insight into the workings of the many regional nonprofits that have such a large impact on our community.

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

-- Todd Katz - San Luis Obipso

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