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Arroyo Grande



It is best to remove our troops from harm in Afghanistan. Recent speakers and programs have convinced me:
1. Staying won’t decrease the hold of the terrorists on either Afghanistan or Pakistan, and leaving won’t increase their numbers.

2. Terrorists are not united, just like communists weren’t, except when having a common enemy like the U.S. After U.S. forces withdrew from Vietnam, Vietnamese communists fought Chinese communists and Cambodian communists, but we soon made friends with the Vietnamese.

3. Terrorists don’t need staging areas or large training areas.

4. The CIA’s Predator planes, with help from local informants, can keep watch of mountainous regions and bomb terrorists when they come out of their cold, wet, miserable caves.

5. Terrorists, wherever they operate, need money. The West should pressure the Swiss banks and all other banks elsewhere to reveal all funds held by whomever so that transfer to local terrorists can be stopped.

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