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I hate to burst your bubble, Gary Wechter (“Trump supporters not welcome,” June 28), but there are many businesses that I and others already refuse to support based on their political affiliation. This is not a “new approach.” In our democratic society, we are free to choose where we want to spend our time and money, and people have been doing this for years. Also, I wouldn’t quite describe Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others in the Trump administration as public servants. This administration is doing terrible things to the public. Heaven forbid that Kirstjen Nielsen is heckled or a restaurant owner should refuse service to someone like Sarah. And heaven forbid that football players should kneel to protest racial discrimination or that an elected official should say a few cuss words. What in the world is this world coming to? So low, so uncivil, so scary!

Just imagine if Americans voted and/or supported a president who is a chronic liar, cheat, racist, misogynist/self-professed sexual assaulter/accused rapist, and thug (the list will grow longer, I am sure). Imagine if black people (no need for identifying letters) were arrested, incarcerated, and killed by police at a much higher rate than other people. Imagine if black public officials received death/lynching threats. Imagine if people were discriminated against, bullied, beaten, and murdered just because of their sexual orientation/identity. Imagine if the government cut services to the poor only to give huge tax breaks to the rich. Imagine if our government separated desperate immigrant parents and their children in the most inhumane way with no plans on how to reunite them. Imagine if our government banned entire groups of people, based on their religion, from entering our country. Imagine if our government tried to take away a woman’s reproductive rights. Imagine if our president cozied up to the world’s cruelest dictators. Imagine if this president’s election team, and undoubtedly, he himself, colluded with Putin and his Russian oligarchs (murderers and thieves) to get elected. Imagine if our elected representatives, sworn to uphold the Constitution, tried to interfere with the Department of Justice’s quest to seek the truth in this matter. Imagine if Trump’s self-professed patriotic supporters turned a blind eye to all of this or actually supported it all.

Just imagine! Wouldn’t that be something?

Gary: May the laws of karma serve you up a multitude of loogie-infused meals (figuratively speaking, of course, for the sake of civility) followed by your just deserts. Bon appetit!

Kathy Riedmann

Los Osos

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