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Overpopulation is the biggest issue facing this world



New Times’ Sept. 3 lead opinion piece addresses the most important issue in the world: human overpopulation. The current European refugee crisis, the crisis in Haiti, the U.S. illegal immigrant problems—including its impact on schools, the extinction of species, water crisis throughout the world, mass poverty, loss of personal freedom, and many more issues—owe their origins to human overpopulation. These issues cannot be seriously addressed with an unsustainable world population that grows by more than 200,000 a day. And refugee problems are just beginning.

So thank you for Zaf Iqbal’s article “The Human Effect.” It was well written. Human overpopulation should be in the headlines every day and should be brought up in the news issues it is connected to. Constant crisis is its byproduct. Thank you for bringing up the primary issue of our world.

-- Rogan Thompquist - Paso Robles

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