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Oysters of Morro Bay


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Shucks! Did you know National Oyster Day was celebrated on Aug. 5? Luckily, you didn't miss out. We still have the whole month to shuck 'em and barbecue 'em. Oyster farming in Morro Bay began in the early 1900s and has been part of the bay's rich aquaculture ever since. These days, there are about eight or so spots to find the Pacific Gold and Grassy Bar oysters locally cultivated in Morro Bay. The green swirl Grassy Bars and purple touched Morro Bay oysters often have a cucumber and melon flavor coming from volcanic, nutrient-rich soil. They also have a sweetness due to the fresh water flowing into the bay. Windows on the Water hosts Oyster Tuesdays. For 94 cents per oyster, you can eat fresh Morro Bay oysters the way you crave them: raw off the shell, fried, or shooter style.

Windows on the Water is located at 699 Embarcadero, upstairs, Morro Bay. The 94-cents-per-oyster deal lasts on Tuesdays, from 5 p.m. until closing, exclusively at their oyster bar. Call (805) 772-0677 for more details. Δ

New Times contributor Beth Giuffre says oysters are the new tacos (at least on Tuesdays). Send lemon wedges to


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