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Paging Otis


It sounds like Otis Page (Letters, Sept. 30-Oct. 7) has been studying his RNC talking points. Lets take a look at some of the mythical analysis:

Myth No. 1: “ … the major reason for intelligence failure was the crippling of intelligence resources by past congressional action.� Notwithstanding the multibillion-dollar secret budget that the CIA controls, the intelligence fialures stem from an agency still wedded to the scenarios and methods of the Cold War.

Myth No. 2: “ … the Clinton administration and Congress believed over a long period of time that Saddam possessed WMDs.�

Well, Virginia … there are no WMDs. The facts are that 10 years of sanctions made it impossible for Iraq to pose a “clear and present danger� to the United States.

Myth No. 3: “ … Phillips ignores the 9/11 Commission acknowledgement of ties between al Qaeda and Saddam.�

What Otis Page calls ties can be found within the majority of Islamic governments, with Saudi Arabia, Syria, and even our old buddy Egypt topping the list. Meanwhile, our pals in Pakistan were/are selling nuclear materials on the open market.

Unfortunately for the folks killed on 9/11, Newt Gingrich and the boys were so eager to impeach Clinton that they either ridiculed efforts to kill bin Laden or insinuated that these efforts were an attempt to deflect attention from his scandal.

Since then we have been treated to the most shameless political exploitation of national security in our history.

So, who’s wagging the friggin’ dog now?

Art McCloud


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