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Party on?



Democratic Party spokespersons and so called “progressive” pundits on TV are constantly wringing their hands and in a panic about “what’s happening to the modern Republican Party.” They spend hours talking about what the Republicans must do to “get back into the mainstream.” They worry and agonize about the Tea Party dragging the Republicans so far to the Right that the party will fracture and—gasp!—disappear altogether, destroying the “two-party system.” Yada, yada.

First of all, who says that it has to be only a two-party system, and if it ends up being so, that it has to be these two parties? Parties have come and gone all through American history. Some disappear, and others arise to displace them and take their place. Both major parties today started off as third parties in their own time. Why can’t other third parties do that now or in the near future? No one should worry that if one fractured right-wing party disappears, another one will not pop up to replace it. As long as there are ultra-wealthy plutocrats, there will be at least one right-wing party—along with something akin to the Democratic Party, which is nothing but another Republican Party in sheep’s clothing.

Hand-wringing Democrats/progressives should remember one of the principles of Sun Tsu, the Chinese military leader and philosopher. He once said—and I paraphrase—“If your enemy is determined to destroy himself, do not interfere.” Let the Republicans eat their own tail and go down in flames. What have they done for you lately? Progressives who still self-defeatingly support the Democrats need to worry about and examine what they are doing and who they are supporting—and think about a new and different kind of party, a genuine, working peoples’/oppressed peoples’ party altogether. Leave the right wingers to stew in their own juices and foul themselves, and good riddance!

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obispo

-- Jim Griffin - San Luis Obipso

-- Jim Griffin - SLO

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