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Paso leaders have run the city into the ground

Paso Robles



This Paso Robles council has gotten us into this mess by following App, voting in his recommendations and cuts in programs and services. The council’s No. 1 priority is to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.

If/when there is a vote of no confidence in the Paso Robles chief of police, it did not develop overnight. The entire council was warned about this over the last two election cycles, but they chose to ignore those warnings. The vote of no confidence would extend to City Manager App and the entire City Council when their public safety employees have nowhere to turn.

Trust and confidence are earned by listening to the concerns of the employees and citizens they work for. What do you expect? We now need 15 police officers, eight fire fighters, 20 general employees, almost all line-level and middle-management positions. Why did the Council/App agree to these reductions in your safety? Was it so you had no choice but to vote increasing taxes? Or did they not know how dangerous these reductions would be?

This council and city manager App have served long enough to have improved our city. Instead, they have run us into the ground.

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