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Paso stinks in more ways than one


When I was young, a person first coming into Paso Robles would notice the rotten egg smell of the sulfur water. After being in town for a while, people wouldn’t notice the smell anymore.

Later the federal government required that the wells be capped in order to prevent the sulfur water from contaminating the river.

Now the unpleasant smells are coming from the area of City Hall. The San Simeon earthquake opened a sulfur spring in the parking lot. A year (and many dollars) later, this spring is still a problem.

However, there is a stench coming out of City Hall that will stain the community for years to come. We have had a city administration come into power that saddled current residents with decades of paying for their misguided lust for growth, and in the process have endangered the spirit that defined Paso Robles.

The arrogance of the City Council in going ahead with growth, raising sewer and water rates against the wishes of the citizens, requiring the existing citizens subside new growth by $680 per house per year, committing to the Nacimiento water project without a vote of the people, and generally refusing to consider the citizens’ concerns is killing our people’s desire to volunteer and donate. The people who gave so much because of their love for this unique town no longer feel the town is theirs. We are witnessing the loss of a spirit that was very dear and very special.

Walter Heer

Paso Robles

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