Patrick Wollett's sentencing delayed



On Oct. 5, a San Luis Obispo judge delayed the sentencing of Patrick Wollett so his new defense attorney can read the transcripts from the murder trial of Joshua Houlgate. The new lawyer, Tom McCormick, told the judge the transcript of the trial wouldn’t be ready for two more weeks. Judge Dodie A. Harman moved the sentencing to Nov. 9—the third time Wollett’s sentencing has been delayed.


Wollett’s first lawyer, Gregory Jacobson, resigned Sept. 2 citing a “conflict on the record” the day after a letter sent by Houlgate’s family emerged in court. The letter argued that Jacobson didn’t adequately represent Wollett, that the investigation was flawed, and that they believed other parties were complicit in the murder.


Wollett and Chad Westbrook were convicted of first-degree murder. On June 22, Westbrook was sentenced to 67 years to life in prison for the crime.

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