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People at their best


Somebody left a copy of the Dec. 19 New Times issue in the company bathroom with the cover story "Cash Only." I thought, "Really? People actually pay six bucks for a bottle of beer? Unbelievable!" The next day, someone had the paper open to the page with the Russell Hodin cartoon of the presidential seal in the trash. The next day someone wrote, "Democrat Dream," on the cartoon. Next time I saw it, someone else had written "Republican Reality." The next day I saw it, the cartoon had been torn out, crumpled up, and thrown in the trash. Someone had retrieved it and put it back in the spot it was torn from. I took a picture of it. I was hoping to send it as a attachment, but, oh well. The last time I saw it, the whole paper was in the trash. Just another example of how Trump brings out the best in people.

Jose Y. Nunez


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