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People need to help and learn about animals

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Editor's note: The following letter to the editor were submitted by middle school students enrolled in a journalism class at Cayucos Elementary School.

People need to help animals. There are so many stray animals, and we need to do something to help. One way is to spay or neuter your dog or cat. If you spay or neuter your pet, it will help other pets find a home. More pets will be able to find a home because there will be fewer animals to choose from.

Another way to help is to adopt animals for the local animal shelter in your area. The main animal shelters in our area are Woods Humane Society and San Luis Obispo County Animal Services. Adopting your pet from a shelter will enable the shelter to take in more pets.

You can also help by volunteering or donating your old blankets, dog collars, or bowls. Shelters might even take an old littler box. Animal shelters wouldn't be able to run without the volunteers who are their support beam and are very important. Just imagine how fun it would be to walk dogs, give cats attention, and help people find their forever friend, all day!

A way to help youth learn about animals is by joining 4-H, which teaches youth responsibility and budgeting, and motivates children to do community service. In 4-H you can raise a chicken, rabbit, pig, sheep, goat, cow, horse, or even a turkey to show at the California Mid-State Fair. Your child can learn so much through 4-H.

Karlie Erskine

11 years old



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