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Personal responsibility



I want to comment on Charmaine Combra’s intelligent opinion article, (“Make us great again,” New Times, Jan. 5). She pretty much summed up many of the ingredients in the current political recipe of Donald Trump’s infamous “Make America Great Again” slogan.

America needs to stop, at this time in her history, and take a hard look at her personal makeup. If suicide is indeed one of the leading causes of preventable death (diabetes and obesity as well), and drunk driving is another disturbing trend in America, what do these things all have in common?

Personal responsibility, it seems to me. And yes, it seems America is collapsing on itself, a direct correlation to our collapsing environment. And all of these issues are preventable deaths.

These facts make me agree with Coimbra that the way America stays great is to make you and I great again—inside and outside. I personally have always felt great just to be able to live in this amazing country. I have a life that allows me to live eight months a year in the mountains in Idaho, and four months in California in the winter. I feel very fortunate to have this ability to live in nature in Idaho and be in warm wine country in California.

Regarding Coimbra’s views on compassion, I find myself more than ever this year needing to cultivate it. This election has divided us as never before, and I will strive to be a better, more open-minded person, and I know it is easier to practice kindness when I set my intention, which, her article reminded me to do.

-- Andrea Rule - Paso Robles

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