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PG&E’s reasons aren’t good enough


PG&E, by not allowing the Cal Poly “Neutrino Project� to set up at the Diablo plant, is missing a great business opportunity.

PG&E could use its partnership with the Cal Poly scientists in TV commercials. If Cal Poly learns why and how neutrinos transform from one type of neutrino into another type of neutrino, PG&E could have worldwide bragging rights for being a part of this great project.

Neutrinos are neutral particles that are so small that they pass right through us all, right between our atomic and molecular structures. Did you know that you were so transparent?

Neutrinos are created by burning stars, our sun, and nuclear plants like Diablo as the nuclei of atoms break apart. They carry no radiation. The neutrino project would not disrupt the work at Diablo.


Sharon Eckardt

Los Osos

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