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Pirate's Cove needs to change



I live in Shell Beach and am shocked public officials would allow the beautiful area that is Pirate’s Cove to be fouled by perverts, drug addicts, and partiers who leave their trash, condoms, syringes, underwear, and broken glass everywhere. I am afraid to bring my kids here for fear of what activity they will encounter. I walk or hike there three times a week. I ONLY see druggies and single men “enjoying” Pirate’s Cove. I carry mace with me on my walks.

I am so disgusted that pro-open-space, limited-thinking individuals cannot see the forest between the trees. No one wants to bring their family to this filthy place, covered in litter, perverts, and losers. Since your last article on Pirate’s Cove, printed in July 2014 (“Coastal intervention: Pirate’s Cove is staying exactly the same”), there has been an attempted rape/abduction and the death of a young man partying on the cliff. Not to mention loud nightly partying and bonfires.

It’s time to light a fire on this tragic vandalization of such a special place and make some changes to Pirate’s Cove. Please revisit this newsworthy story. Of all the nonsense that is reported in our area, this topic needs more attention. How can two one-sided “open space” advocates put a halt giving law-abiding citizens access to one of the most beautiful places on our coast—without feeling violated by disgusting human activity.

Pirate’s Coves is owned by grimy, disguising, perverted lawbreakers, not the general public.

-- Robin Tedder - Shell Beach

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